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Now through December 22:
The Crows of Union Level
(Pieces by J.J. Doyle)


J.J. Doyle comes to Virginia with a host of careers to her credit: advertising coordinator in the shoe industry, shoe store owner, graphic designer, graphic design professor, and bed & breakfast owner. She and her husband now live in Union Level with their family of Tennessee Walkers, bird dogs, chickens, sheep, rescue dogs, a "found" cat, and their treasured pug, FannieMae.

J.J. says she does not regret her decision to leave behind her dressy clothes and trade them in for Converse sneakers, jeans and boots. She now has more time to devote to her artwork while appreciating the beauty that plays itself out every day on her family's fifty acres. She takes pleasure in small things which become inspirations for her crow illustrations, animal portraits, and flower paintings.

Her crow paintings are meant to evoke laughter in their viewers. The crow subjects are imagined and painted as characters such as: chef, ghost, psychedelic flower child, bride, scarecrow, and the Easter Bunny. Originals and prints of these images hang in veterinary offices, private schools, restaurants, and homes.

In addition to her crow paintings, J.J. also enjoys producing commissioned animal portraits. She has painted many treasured family pets and field trial dogs, among others.

She has also recently begun a new series of representational fruit and flower paintings. These images are purposely painted dramatically - with many colors and bold highlights. Since fruits and vegetables have such interesting shapes, there are many directions in which J.J. intends to go with this new venture.

Artist's statement:

"Call me detail oriented. I'm hardwired to pay attention to miute things and always want to know how things work. It's not an effort; it's just my mind!  This quality made me a good graphic designer, where every little thing counted. It also makes me a very observant artist. Whether it's the glint in the eye of a treasured pet or subtle changes in shadows and highlights, I embrace parts of things as surely as I embrace the whole."

"In the past, much of what I created was based in reality: still lifes, animal portraits, paintings of buildings... each time seeing how close I could get to what I saw! After moving to Virginia, I tasked myself to get in touch with my illustrative side by creating 'The Crows of Union Level' and by painting things that do not exist! There are now more than twenty pieces in the 'Crows' series."

"Whether it's my laughable crows or my more serious work, I have discovered that I can challenge myself and still embrace my need for detail." - J.J. Doyle

Park View High School Art Students have works on display throughout the school  year. This exhibit is rotated every 6-8 weeks.

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