The Colonial Center has several gallery spaces available for exhibitions and display. All artwork is shown either on easels, free standing pedestals, or hanging systems. Applications are currently being accepted for future showings.

Complete the Application Form and send it to The Colonial Center at the following address. You may also send by email. Please call for more details.

The Colonial Center
Attn: Lauren A. Epps
220 South Mecklenburg Avenue
South Hill, Virginia 23970
(434) 262-4170

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Photography exhibition by ROBERT HARRIS PHOTOGRAPHY, now through June 30, 2015. This installation features black-and-white prints of photographs from "behind the scenes" at the Colonial Center, along with family portraits and wedding photography.

Robert Harris has become known for his beautiful hand painted Oil and Giclee portraits. Combining the artistry of a painting with the tonal depth and realism of a photograph, his portraits grace homes and boardrooms alike. Blending elegant lighting with a meaningful composition, the artist personally paints your portrait, resulting in a canvas that is unique and very beautiful. The Harris’s also offer guidance in selecting a custom gilded moulding; handmade for your portrait and decor.

Please visit for more information about photography sessions and the artistry involved in works by Mr. Harris.

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