The Colonial Center has several gallery spaces available for exhibitions and display. All artwork is shown either on easels, free standing pedestals, or hanging systems. Applications are currently being accepted for future showings.

Complete the Application Form and send it to The Colonial Center at the following address. You may also send by email. Please call for more details.

The Colonial Center
Attn: Karen Terry
220 South Mecklenburg Avenue
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In the Main Gallery:
"Twin Cedar Images"
Photography by Stephen Hinzman


Stephen Hinzman is a photo enthusiast and passionate amateur photographer based in Union Level, Virginia where he’s resided, with his lovely wife Gwen, for 14 years. Born in 1961 and raised in the small town of Buckhannon in north central West Virginia, Stephen graduated from Buckhannon Upshur High School in 1979. His interests and experiences are widely varied and he has dabbled in a little bit of almost everything in his 56 years. In high school he experimented with film photography and learned to develop film and process the negatives into prints. After school though, there was a lengthy hiatus until about 7 years ago. The catalyst for taking the camera back up was as simple as a family of Mallards raising their young on a pond near his house.

“Attending Robert Harris’ photography class at the SVCC Advanced Knowledge Center was extremely helpful for me to begin my journey into the world of digital photography.” Stephen says, “Robert is a master and it was a privilege to learn from him.”

“The camera has forced me to really look at things” Stephen recently stated, “and I’m shocked at what I was missing!”

The natural landscape, wildlife, portraiture, macro, sports, night photography, you name it and Stephen is interested in capturing it with a camera. The works in this exhibit represent a small portion of what he likes to capture.  

“I’m interested in almost all types of photography." Stephen says, “If someone sees one of my images and it sparks a warm memory, or evokes a sense of well-being, or even if they just think it’s pretty that makes me happy”.  

“I have participated in multiple photo exhibits and contests and while public acclaim is nice, it isn’t what motivates me as a photographer. I think that the primary task of photography, beyond snapshots, is to tell a story.”

“I hope visitors to this exhibit find something they like.” He concluded. 

The Art Galleries are open for free public viewing from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and during all Colonial Center public performance events.
In the Craft Gallery:
Handmade Crafts by Melissa "Missy" Turner


Missy started making crafts in October of 2016 as an idea for Christmas gifts for her loved ones; she has always enjoyed giving to others. At that time, she began making homemade ornaments, soap/lotion dispensers, wine bottle centerpieces, and candy dishes. Her favorite among her first creations was a candy dish made for a co-worker which featured black and white polka dots. Upon admiring her finished creations, Missy realized that hand-making candy dishes was her “craft talent”. Featured in her exhibit are several examples of her favorite newly-made candy dish crafts.

The displayed pieces are available for purchase.

The Art Galleries are open for free public viewing from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and during all Colonial Center public performance events.


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