The Colonial Center has several gallery spaces available for exhibitions and display. All artwork is shown either on easels, free standing pedestals, or hanging systems. Applications are currently being accepted for future showings.

Complete the Application Form and send it to The Colonial Center at the following address. You may also send by email. Please call for more details.

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In the Main Gallery through August 14:
Celebrity Portraits by Timothe Winstead


Mr. Timothe Winstead attended Arts High School in Newark, NJ, a school for gifted artists and musicians. Upon completion of high school, he continued his education at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, a four year school for advertising, design, and fine arts. As part of the advertising curriculum, Mr. Winstead was required to study under an ad executive for three months, where he was assigned to Young and Rubicon on Madison Avenue in New York City.

After graduation, he enrolled at Montclair State University where he majored in Fine Arts. After two years, he decided to try the fashion industry as a textile artist designing women's wear fabrics and later, men's wear. He soon became the head of the division with three designers under him. He designed textiles for five years and then went on to designing sportswear and men's shirting after taking a two year course in pattern making. He became well-known for his graphic engineered designs for men's sport shirts and later, took on the challenge of head designer at Saz International where he created intricate beading designs and embroidery for high end evening gowns. This position took him to India, Brussels, Germany, and England.

He spent 15 years in the fashion industry, but his real passion was creating art on canvas. Combining his fashion ability with his artistic ability, he started his own screen print business. While printing t-shirts, he decided to express his artistic talent in a broader sense, so he started a greeting card company where he created the artwork, verse, and packaging. Mr. Winsetad hired a national sales representative and was able to service more than 200 accounts. The greeting card business was in operation for more than five years - up until the point where demand exceeded his ability to keep up with growth.

Timothe is now finally doing what he enjoys most: painting portraits and presenting his work to the world. He is also at a point where he believes he can make a difference in the lives of young artists who have doubts as to how far they can go with their artistic talent.

In the Craft Gallery through August 14:
Woodturning by Arnie Miles


Arnie grew up around woodworking. As a child, he helped his father build furniture in their garage workshop in suburban Maryland. One of his father’s pieces, a colonial-style china cabinet, still holds a place of honor in Arnie’s home.

When circumstances allowed, Arnie looked for his own unique opportunities to work with wood. He began his woodturning life in the summer of 2011 by attending a course taught by the Baltimore-based professional wood turner, Mark Supik.

Following this initial course, Arnie studied under many of the world’s greatest wood turners, including legendary Irish master Liam O’Neil, British renegade Jimmy Clewes, and old school American David Ellsworth. Arnie is a member of the American Association of Wood Turners and is a past President of the Mid-Maryland Wood Turners Club. During his tenure as President, he helped bring new growth and excitement to the club.

In his professional life, Arnie is a semi-retired university professor and Information Technology professional. When his position at Georgetown University came to an end, Arnie chose to take the opportunity to become the third generation of his family to make the exodus to live on the lake in Clarksville. Now in his permanent Virginia home with his wife Linda, he teaches online classes part-time for Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, and he programs for an artificial intelligence startup company.


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